I'm an artist photographer, a member of ZPAF. I practice art photography and advertising. I have my own photography studio with an area of 200 square meters, in which I create a wide variety of topics of advertising for companies in Poland, Russia, Britain, Germany ... . Photography, both advertising and art, meets the high technical requirements, requires technical support in the form of lights, cameras, optics, backdrops and props and hundreds of other instruments, without which probably would not be created or established in a much longer time. That is why I have available in the amount of flashing lights and power to enable lighting of a large market in the city center. With dozens of lamps, sockets, lenses that are used on the sets of films such films as "Star Wars" and "Harry Potter", for me used to create special effects that are often associated with digital production than with the real space in the photo studio . When the studio is designed kitchen facilities, essential for projects to raise the food or the body in between photo shoots (I am a lover of coffee and green tea).

Also outside the studio photographing landscapes of cities, villages, industries in different parts of the Polish, Europe, Africa and the Middle East. My passion is panorama photography that I create for many years using them in advertising and in their artistic activities. In his archive has more than 7,000 cylindrical panoramas. I also make panorama macro in the studio and outdoors. Use a variety of photographic techniques: HDR, depth of field multiplication, Infrared, Sstereoskopie, Macrofotografie, constantly searching for new opportunities. I am invited to conduct workshops and seminars from advertising photography to Russia, the Ukraine, Bulgaria and Romania. Money for pictures, advertising and selling artistic photographs more personal, I devoted to photography, travel and art projects, which are presented in the form of exhibitions. Pictures presents and sells in different forms, including in the form of printouts according to me as an artist was awarded the Certificate Digigraphie Epson.

I invite you to cooperation in the field of artistic photography and advertising. There my imagination and creative photography, to discover and exploit new areas of your products or services.


 Marek Czarnecki
Artist Photographer

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